Monday, January 2, 2012

Mountain Bluebird - First Vagrant for 2012

January 2nd; my last day off. I was doing some grocery shopping and bit of birdwatching not far from home when what should hit my inbox but a message about a Mountain Bluebird only 10 minutes away! First reported to Wellbirds by Paul Kron and forwarded to Ontbirds by Josh Vandermeulen. Thanks guys!

I took a quick trip to see if I could locate the bird, and all I had to do was walk up to where the other 6 birders/photographers were already standing. It then began to snow rather heavily and the wind picked up, so I retreated for home.

Mountain Bluebird

It is a female bird, age uncertain. Mountain Bluebirds are cavity nesting birds that inhabit grasslands and open woodlands in the western half of North America. They overwinter in the southwestern United States south into Central America.

But I wasn't quite satisfied since Hannah was at work and had not seen it yet. After she arrived home we immediately took another trip to the spot where Bill Read and Bob Curry/Glenda Slessor were each using their cars as a blind from which to view the bird.

Mountain Bluebird

Hannah was able to get a good look before the light began to fade. Memories of our summer vacation to Washington State.

Postscript: Hannah's Mom was able to observe this bird the next day.

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