Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Name Change

So I have to admit it is a challenge to come up with a blog title that isn’t: a) lame; or b) already taken. I thought I was doing alright with “Field of View” but it turns out that BirdWatching Magazine (formerly Birder’s World) already has a blog by that name.

So I guess I should change names but that puts me in the rather awkward position of selecting a new one. Everything I can think of seems to run afoul of one or both of requirements that it not be lame and not taken. Here are some examples:
  • Mostly About Birds (lame)
  • Bird Notes (taken)
  • The View (invites comparison with a ladies' daytime talk show)
  • On the Wing (lame)
  • Bird Lore (taken)
  • Consolations of Birding (really lame)
  • Birdcraft (fruity)
Prairie Warbler
One direction I could go is to take a jab at some of the egos in the birding community. C’mon you know the types. The ones that think they are God’s gift to birding. The ones that don’t hesitate to broadcast their daily list to OntBirds but then can’t be bothered to give you the time of day on the trail, or when they do speak it is only to indulge in their own sense of superiority. I’m sorry to say it, but the birding community reeks of these individuals and their influence. These people are legends in their own mind. So in that vein, I could rename my blog: “Legendary Birder”.

Another direction I could go would be to point out that birding is a subculture, and like other subcultures it makes no sense to outsiders. Some people like cars, some play golf, some fancy shopping, and some go birding. So I could rename my blog: “Some Go Birding”.

Both of those ideas involve a political statement to some extent, but it is meant for amusement only. I do not actually want to politicize birding more than it already is, but at the same time I think it is important to engage people.

It is always dangerous to ask for input because you risk receiving none, but does anyone have any suggestions?


Alvan Buckley said...

Yeah, I had a lot of trouble choosing a name so went with the arrogant one I have now!

"Some Go Birding" sounds good to me though!

Stuart Immonen said...

Nice Prairie! I wish I had the time to try for it myself...

I have also noticed the "legendary" type, I'm sorry to report.

I often think about changing my own blog title, as I feel it limits the scope of posting expectations somewhat (perhaps "Limits The Scope" is a possibility after all), however, I also feel it's grandfathered-in at this point, and besides, I'd rather be outside.

So perhaps something less bird-specific is worthy of consideration? I like "The Other Side of Wilderness" from a quote by Havelock Ellis, "Brooding Peace" from The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, "The World Rustles" from Hesse's Wandering or any couple of words from Coleridge's Nightingale:


Robert Maciver said...

@Alvan - on the contrary, "Birding and Digiscoping with Alvan" has that earnest, wholesome quality that I could never get away with.

I'm going to keep thinking it over... could take a while.

Robert Maciver said...

@Stuart - I actually like your use of latin. Why did you choose Red-breasted Nuthatch?

I'm not sure I can pull off the literary theme but I have drawn some inspiration from your suggestions - thanks!